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How to Take Care Your Lovely Mini Hedgehog

The Mini Hedgehog (hedgehog) is a very cute nocturnal animal. The characteristic of this Mini Hedgehog is that it has thorns on its back and has a tiny body. No wonder many people want to keep it.

Note That They Are Unique

But before we buy these adorable animals we first need to know some ways to care for mini hedgehogs. So that the mini hedgehogs that we keep will live long and not die quickly. Therefore, I will share my experiences from adopting the Mini Hedgehog to my Mini Hedgehog producing children.

First of all, before we buy the Mini Hedgehog, we must prepare the cage and resting place first, so that if we have adopted the Hedgehog, it can be directly stored in its cage.

Prepare Its Nestling

The first thing we have to prepare is to prepare a rather large aquarium, for example, 100x40x40 cm. Mini Hedgehog can be comfortable and free in its cage. Then after that, we fill the sawdust into the aquarium. The powder is filled approximately until the powder is 2 fingers high. After the powder is evenly filled, then prepare a place to drink and eat. Don’t forget to also prepare a hiding hedgehog in the form of a “hiding box”.

Mini hedgehogs are very shy animals, it is only natural that when this is the first time they are kept mini-hedgehogs they often raise their spines or roll like a ball because they are not used to our existence. Therefore, we must always invite him to play every day with us, so the Mini Hedgehog will get used to it and not be afraid anymore like when it was first adopted.

Proper Diet

The food that Mini Hedgehog needs is in the form of Catfood or Dogfood which is available at Petshop or bird food places. Don’t overdo it with cat food/dog food, give it 3 spoons in the morning, and 2 spoons at night. Mini Hedgehogs also need snacks, for example, Hong Kong caterpillars, German caterpillars, and crickets. But I prefer to give the Mini Hedgehog Hong Kong caterpillar or German caterpillar because if the crickets are like small spikes on its legs, it could hurt the Mini Hedgehog’s mouth.

The dose of Hong Kong caterpillar is 2 tablespoons every 2 days for adults and 1 tablespoon every 2 days for the small Hedgehogs. Why shouldn’t I be giving caterpillars too often? Because it is feared that the Mini Hedgehog only wants to eat caterpillars. And does not want to eat cat food anymore. That makes the Mini Hedgehog obese and has a bad impact on Hedgehog’s health.

The water provided for the Mini Hedgehog to drink is made of boiled water. Don’t give raw water, so that there are no bacteria in the drink. There are several restrictions that should not be given to Mini Hedgehogs, such as milk, chocolate, or fruits with high acidity, which will result in a bad taste of the mini hedgehogs.

Cleaning Your Mini Hedgehog

If mini hedgehog poop is in its cage, we can throw it away by using a spoon so that the powder is not wasted. Once in 2 weeks, drain and clean the aquarium. Just like bathing a Mini Hedgehog, bathe them every 2 or 3 weeks.

For bathing the Mini Hedgehog, you will need these: Lukewarm water, baby shampoo, a toothbrush, hairdryer, and towels.

  • After everything is available, put Mini Hedgehog in a tub with warm water.
  • Make sure the Mini Hedgehog body’s exposure to the water by letting them swim for 10 seconds.
  • Then lift the Mini Hedgehog to a hole that does not contain water.
  • Gently brush its back using a brush the teeth that have been given shampoo.
  • Don’t forget to brush the lower part of the body and the legs by slowly lifting the mini hedgehog.
  • Rinse with warm water. Do it slowly until the body is clean from the shampoo.
  • After the bathing process is complete. Lift the mini hedgehog to a clean towel then bundle the mini hedgehog using a towel.
  • Dry the Mini Hedgehog using a hairdryer so that the Mini Hedgehog doesn’t get cold and all of its dry body doesn’t get wet anymore.


When we hear the whistling sound of the male and male Mini Hedgehog, it indicates that the Mini Hedgehog is ready to mate. So what we need is to unite the male and female Mini Hedgehogs in one cage. Let the male whistle and turn with the female. During the mating process, the mini hedgehogs will bite each other and hiss loudly.

It is not uncommon for their bodies to bleed, in a situation like this we better not interfere. Better to look at the future, if the female has not raised the spines it is a sign that the male Mini Hedgehog has been accepted by the female. The expert recommends Mini Hedgehog should mate at least 4 months old. So that there is no miscarriage or defects in the Mini Hedgehog baby later.

To check whether the female is pregnant or not by feeling her stomach hard or soft as usual. If when you feel it feels a little hard, it is certain that the female is pregnant. In this situation, separate the female from the male in different cages, usually, the female’s gestation period is around 35 days.

After the baby is born, do not disturb the Mini Hedgehogs or their children. Because the breeders will not breastfeed their children. Even worse, they eat their own children out of their panic. Do not separate the Mini Hedgehogs and their children for 3 months because during that time the Mini Hedgehog babies are still breastfeeding.

How? Caring for a Mini Hedgehog is very easy, right? I hope that this article will make the Mini Hedgehog lovers better understand how to take care of the Mini Hedgehog properly.

6 Scientific Benefits of Keeping Cats, Number 4 Most Romantic

Cats are a favorite pet besides dogs. Because of their small, furry, cute, and spoiled size, cats are the right animals to accompany someone’s day.

Research has shown that simply watching cat videos on the internet can increase a person’s energy and create positive emotions.

So it’s no wonder that having a cat can have a number of benefits.

Quoted from mental floss, Sunday (9/22/2019) here are 6 benefits if someone becomes a cat owner.

1. Good for the Environment

A 2009 study found that the resources needed to feed a dog during its lifetime. Created the same footprints as a car or very dirty.

Meanwhile, cats – which eat less in general and are more likely to eat fish than corn or beef-scented products. Don’t leave as much litter as dogs.

2. Cat owners are smart people

A 2010 survey of British pet owners by the University of Bristol found. That people who own cats are more likely to have college degrees than their dog-loving peers. In 2014, a researcher in Wisconsin surveyed 600 college students and found that cat owners were actually smarter.

But it may not be the cats themselves that make their owners smarter. The researchers conducting the survey in Bristol said, smarter people tend to work longer hours. And because cats need less attention than dogs, they are a better choice for busy intellectuals.

3. Cat owners have a healthy heart

Owning any pet is good for one’s heart. Cats, in particular, lower a person’s stress levels – perhaps because they don’t need as much attention. And effort as taking care of a dog – and reduce the amount of anxiety in a person’s life.

Petting a cat has a positive calming effect. One study found that over a 10-year period. Cat owners were 30 percent less likely to die of a heart attack. Or stroke than non-cat owners (although this may simply be because cat owners are more relaxed. And have less stress in general).

4. Keeping a cat is equivalent to having a romantic partner

The information that dogs love their owners more than cats is just a stereotype. In fact, it turns out that cats make just as good friends like dogs, especially women.

An Austrian study conducted in 2003 found that having a cat at home is the emotional equivalent of having a romantic partner. In addition to frequent contact, research shows cats will remember the kindness shown to them. And can return the favor.

But cats do have an edge in this relationship. After thousands of years of domestication. Cats have learned how to make a half purr. Or half howl that sounds a lot like the cry of a human baby. And since the human brain is programmed to respond to the demands of the fur kittens. It’s nearly impossible to ignore what a cat wants when it demands it like that.

5. Cat owners sleep more calmly

Several studies and polls in the UK have found that people. (Especially women) prefer to sleep with their cats than with their partners. And they even report sleeping better with cats than with humans.

A recent study from the Mayo Center for Sleep Medicine Clinic showed that 41 percent of people in the study indicated they slept better because of their pets. While only 20 percent said it caused a distraction.

6. Cats Can Save Their Owners’ Life

Cats have a reputation for being aloof and indifferent to humans, but they have saved countless lives over the years. A cat in England warned humans when it was about to have an epileptic seizure.  While a cat in Montana woke two humans when a gas pipe began to leak.

Firefighters told the couple that the house could easily have exploded if it weren’t for the cat’s intervention.

A cat has even received the highest medal available for a military animal. Simon the cat was on board the HMS Amethyst. Which was sailing on the Yangtze in 1949 when a shell crashed into the ship.  Killing several marines and injuring Simon. That event marked the start of the ship’s 101-day siege, which would become known as the Yangtze Incident.

Simon is healed, and although injured. Does his ship duty and begins to catch mice that threaten the ship, the food supply. And provide moral support to the surviving sailors. Simon died shortly after the ship returned to England. But he was posthumously awarded the British Dickin Medal, known as the animal of the Victoria Cross, for “supreme behavior.”

7 Tips to Take Care Pomeranian Dog

In Indonesia, mini poms are included in the list of the cutest and most popular pet dog breeds. So that many dog ​​lovers are cared for and cared for. According to most hobbyists, this pomeranian or mini pom is perfect for playing with. Because he is very friendly and has a personality that likes to play and travel (very active).

How to Care for a Mini Pom or Pomeranian?

The habitat of the breed is German and Polish. As for the physical characteristics, namely, small stature but hairy. On the neck there is a lion’s dense fur, which has a small snout and varies in color, there are mini poms in white, red, cream, blue, black, or orange. How good, right? Are you interested in taking care of Pomeranians?

If my friend is interested, then you must know how to care for a mini pom puppy properly. So that they grow up healthy and remain beautiful into adulthood.

Taking care of the most difficult mini poms is when they are young or when they are just born at 2 months, 3 months, or 4 months. Because it requires special attention than an adult mini pom. Well, here are the tips for mini-pom maintenance that you should do:

1. Commitment To Caring For Pomeranians

First, you have to nurture mini pom. Should not be discouraged in the middle of the road or let him stand by the side of the road. Because usually, people are only passionate about caring for pets at the beginning, but when they are tired of leaving them without caring about their care and cleanliness anymore.

So it’s best if you think before taking care of the mini pom. Are you ready to play with him? Do you have free time to practice it? Are you ready to feed? Are you ready to bathe him? And there are many more risks that must be applied when inserting a mini pom.

2. Provide a Mini Pom Residence (Cage)

Every living thing definitely needs a place to live for survival. Likewise with mini poms, if you don’t want your dog to roam freely outside the house. Then you have to buy or make a special cage for mini poms.

Try to make the cage suitable for use, for example:

  • Not too narrow.
  • Far away from wild animals.
  • There is sufficient air circulation.
  • And children can move freely in it.

It is recommended that in the cage there are essential accessories such as blankets, pillows, litter boxes, and others. It all can provide warmth for the mini pom to have a good rest. Oh yes, the cleanliness of the cage is always maintained. Clean at least 2 times a week. Because usually mini pom dogs still like to urinate or defecate in any way, first make a new mini pom dog or puppy. So that it is not cleaned will cause dangerous bacteria.

3. Buy Additional Accessories

This third point is not mandatory but also important. If you have enough money available to buy accessories like absorbent liners or dog toys. This way, the air from the puppies will dry out right away and won’t burden you in cleaning. So if you don’t want to clean continuously, from an early age you have to make the mini pom child throw their dirt in the toilet that has been provided.

4. Feed the Mini Pom

To survive, mini poms need healthy and nutritious food. Moreover, the newborn mini pom. For mini pom, puppies eat 3 times a day. Namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast can be given dog food, dry and dog milk, as well as lunch and dinner. As for the afternoon, you can be given a special snack or snack for dogs.

It is recommended to combine dry food and wet food, the dog does not get bored. Nutrition must be tailored to their needs. Read the ingredients written on the Dogfood packaging.

5. Train Mini Poms to be Healthy and Obedient

Maintaining the mini pom cannot be separated from this. Buddy must provide a special time to train mini poms. You can use the time in the afternoon or during the holidays in the morning. In addition, training and training the mini pom can also make the body healthy because there are many activities that train fat.

6. Make Time To Play Together

The way to care for mini pom is to play with him. as we know that mini pom is a very active dog and likes to play with its owner. So as much as possible you spend three or four hours playing each day. If you are really busy, you can order your helper or assistant to take the mini pom for a walk.

7. Caring for Mini Pom Fur

Because this race has long and thick hair. So you have to pay attention to the maintenance. Comb the mini pom hair at least 2/3 times every day. It’s a matter of neat fur. On the other hand, if not combed and cared for, the fur will fall out easily and get tangled.

Those are the 7 good and correct ways to care for mini poms for beginners. Hopefully, this sharing from us is useful for friends who are raising Pomeranians. Please share it with your closest relatives so they know.

A Good Diet for Your Fat Cat

For cat lovers, seeing a fat cat and likes to be lazy, might seem very funny. Unfortunately, just like humans, obesity in cats can be dangerous for health.

Be Aware, Here Is Statement from Experts

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention states, 60 percent of cats in the United States are overweight. including diabetes, bone disorders, and reduced life expectancy. Therefore, for cat owners who are obese, it is an obligation to encourage their cats to diet to be healthier. However, reducing cat weight is not an easy matter. Cats are known to be lazy and difficult to work out with. Not to mention, cat owners also know how fussy their beloved cat is if it hasn’t been fed.

In a study conducted by the University of Illinois, the United States, losing weight in cats turned out to have to reduce food portions gradually, not all at once.

This method has been successfully carried out in research by researchers. The eight cats who were declared obese finally reached their normal weight after a diet for 18 weeks with a gradual reduction in food over the course of eight weeks.

“The purpose of this diet is for cats to lose fat and lose weight,” said study author Kelly Swanson, lecturer. zoology and nutrition at the University of Illinois, in a press release published by his university: “If cats lose weight too quickly, they can develop liver disease. We are aiming for a 1.5 percent weight loss every month. This is different from American recommendation. Hospital Association (recommended 0.5 to 2 percent per week). ”

Body Condition Score of Fat Cat

Calculating Body Condition Score (BCS) The eight cats participating in the study, all-male and neutered, live together in a large room. They enter the cage only at mealtime.
Their health is closely monitored. The researchers also monitored their weight, physical activity, bacteria in the stomach, blood conditions, and body condition (BCS). Overweight cats will have a BCS of between 8 or 9. Meanwhile, a low BCS indicates a malnourished cat. In this study, the average study cat had a BCS of 7.5 and was targeted to drop by a score of 5.

These cats ate a high-fiber diet for four weeks, then a balanced protein diet. In the first week, their food was reduced by 20 percent. Then reduce it continuously for eight weeks and from week 10 the food portions are maintained to maintain body weight. According to Swanson, a gradual reduction in food portions can help achieve ideal body weight each week.

“Just like humans, if animals diet, they lose weight in the first week, but after that, there is no continuation,” said Swanson.

How to Reduce Its Weight?

However, convincing animal owners to reduce food for their animals can be difficult. Because animal owners usually cut back on large amounts of cat food, after eighteen weeks, the average cat’s BCS score had decreased from 7.5 to e6. In addition, the percentage of body fat was reduced from 41 percent to 31 percent, and the concentration of triglyceride fats, the fat that causes stroke and heart disease, was also reduced. For their activity levels, there was no change in cat activity, aka they remained lazy as usual despite their weight already down.

A fat cat seems adorable indeed. But just like humans, obese cats can harm their health. Your cat is too fat too? Check out the tips for managing it as reported by She Knows below.


Cats are meat-eaters. This means that this one animal cannot be fed with only corn or rice. Try reading cat food labels and make sure it has meat in it. Usually, good quality cat food contains less unhealthy additives.

Dry vs Wet

Some cat owners prefer to feed their pets dry food. While others choose wet. Actually the choice is yours. Importantly, cat food must be nutritious, contain water, and be liked by cats.


Do not leave food anywhere the cat can reach. Limit the portions properly. Because cats will ‘snack’ at will if the food can be reached, even though they are not actually hungry.


How do cats exercise? You have to play with them! Force the cat to want to chase toy mice, lasers, balls, or other toys. Just play with the cat for 20 minutes every day. Not only thin, but cats will also avoid stress.

Human Food

Never share food with a cat. Because in addition to being harmful, the ingredients contained in human food can also lead to being overweight in cats. Get in the habit of getting your cat to only enjoy its own food and not take what you have.

9 Ways to Take Care of Your Favorite Cat

Already have a cat and want to be more attentive to it? Let’s see how to care for your favorite cat.

Understand Your Cat’s Needs and Nutritional Intake

Kittens need twice the food intake than adult cats. Unfortunately, they can’t find their own food yet. Even if he needs more food, that doesn’t mean you have to give him more food. Kittens will still suckle from their mother.

You can provide cat food every day. To be sure, you should provide good quality cat food four times a day. With good food, the cat’s body and hair will be better.

Only Give Cat Food

Not once, there are still many people who provide dog food for cats. Sometimes people do this to save money when keeping cats and dogs together. Unfortunately, this is not justified.

Dog food does not contain taurine. This content is needed by cats to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

Cats Are Carnivores

You should know that cats are carnivores. We recommend that you provide food that comes from animal meat, such as chicken, beef, and fish. Guaranteed your pet cat will be more hungry to eat. You still have to cook the meat first to get rid of bacteria on raw meat.

Avoid giving foods derived from plants. Plants or other types of vegetables will be difficult for cats to digest. In addition, giving cat vegetables. And rice will make the litter smell even worse than a cat that eats meat.

Bathe the cat regularly

Over time, the cat will smell bad. In addition, the fur can also fall out and make the cat unhealthy. It’s only natural for you to bathe your beloved cat in cold water, huh. Avoid using warm water especially hot because it can damage and fall out. To make it even more fragrant, spray on a special cat fragrance, huh!

Cat Hair Brush

Cats can actually rub themselves because they are independent animals. However, you should also treat your pet cat with a pampered stroke. Brush the cat’s hair with a special comb occasionally when he is near you.

For cats that have thick hair, you need to brush and comb them more often. This method makes the cat more comfortable. In addition, brushing can remove dead hair and germs in the fur.

Invite Your Cat to Play Outside the House

Leaving him indoors every day will bore your cat. To care for a cat, you also need to invite him to play outside. Just a walk around the housing complex or take him farther away is definitely enough to make a cat happy.

If it is difficult to take the cat for a walk, try playing with the cat more often at home. Choose a cat toy that can make him move actively.

Teach Cats a Habit

After the cat is one month old, the mother cat will allow the kitten to clean itself. Including pooping and peeing. This also has to be taught. You can tell the cat to poop in the right place yes. Don’t forget to provide a litter box in the corner of the room where the cat plays.

Don’t just teach me to poop, huh. You must also provide a special place to eat and drink. So, he didn’t eat anywhere. In addition, give him a bed and let him know that his territory is his.

Give Cats Warnings When Behaving Badly

It is not only humans who must be given assertiveness. Pets also need to be warned when they are being bad. Certainly not once will you be scratched or bitten by a pet cat. That’s when giving him one firm word.

Indeed, the cat will not immediately understand. Also, give gentle strokes on his head to let him know that you still love him. If done continuously, your pet cat will understand, really.

Cleaning and Caring for Cat Health

This is something you can’t help but do regularly. You have to be diligent about cleaning your pet cat’s teeth, ears. And nails because he won’t be able to do it alone. These body parts are inhabited by germs and bacteria. If the cat is dirty, they are prone to diseases.

You should also take it to the vet regularly to be given vaccines. Usually, the vet will give worm medicine periodically. So, the existing cat litter does not spread germs and disease.

Note! 6 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Pet Rabbit Healthy

Apart from cats and dogs, rabbits are no less popular pets. His cute face, fluffy fur, and alert ears are sure to make us pissed off. However, raising rabbits is tricky, you know!

If we take care of it wrong, our rabbits will easily get sick and die. These are the things you must-do if you want your pet rabbit to stay healthy!

Pet Rabbit

1. Fresh Vegetables Are Better Than Pellets (Animal Feed)

If you don’t want to be complicated, we can give rabbits food in the form of pellets. Animal feed is usually dry in form. However, it is advisable to give fresh vegetables instead of pellets. According to the page, the nutrients in pellets are not sufficient to meet the daily nutritional needs of rabbits.

We are advised to give grass or straw as a staple food. Can also provide green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach to celery. Meanwhile, carrots and fruit should only be given as a distraction and in small amounts.

2. Occasionally Remove the Rabbit From the Cage

For fear of being lost, hit, or eaten by a cat. We usually put the rabbit in the cage all the time. However, we occasionally need to get the rabbit out of its cage. This is so that the rabbit can freely move or run, even if only for a moment.

When rabbits do not get enough physical activity, they are susceptible to disease. Like static GI, a condition in which the digestive system slows down or stops completely. Lack of activity can also make rabbits overweight and trigger urinary tract disease. Instead of being sickly, it’s better to get it out of the cage at least 1-2 times a day.

3. Check for Signs That the Rabbit Is Sick

Often, we ignore the health conditions of pets. We assume that the rabbit is sufficiently fed, drinking, and shelter. It could be that your beloved rabbit is sick, but shows no signs at all.

In most cases, the rabbit shows no signs that it is sick. As owners, we must actively find out for ourselves. The trick is to check the fur or skin on the bottom and tail, at least 1-2 times a day. Check for sores and discolored urine or stuck stools.

4. Don’t Leave Your Rabbit Alone

It is not recommended to keep just one rabbit. Better, keep a pair of rabbits to keep him from being alone. This is because rabbits are social animals that depend on one another for survival. In their natural habitat, rabbits also live in groups in holes in the ground.

Because rabbits are prey for predators, this keeps them on high alert at all times. If there are other rabbits, they will share the responsibility of being vigilant and guarding each other. Besides, the presence of other rabbits will make our pet rabbits feel safer and calmer.

5. Be Aware of the Weather, Especially in the Rainy Season

Because this has entered the rainy season, you need to be extra vigilant when raising rabbits. Don’t put the cage on the porch or outside when it rains. This will chill the rabbit and get sick easily. Instead, put the rabbit hutch in the house when it rains to protect it from the cold.

Don’t forget to line the rabbit hutch with a cloth to keep it warm. FYI, a drastic change in temperature will be fatal to your pet rabbit. Also, don’t forget to always keep the rabbit cage clean, huh!

6. Rabbits Get Stronger After Eating Feces

Did you know, rabbits have a disgusting habit of eating their feces? The reason they do this is that rabbits digest their food so quickly. That not all of the nutrients can be absorbed and wasted through their feces. This makes rabbits in the morning start the day by eating their feces. They consume feces that are softer when compared to hard ones. Now a new study reveals another reason. According to research conducted by scientists from Henan Agricultural University, rabbits that eat their feces have better digestion. It helps them gain weight and strength.

Soft stool contains less material to digest. But it provides a source of the floral gut bacteria essential for their metabolism. Based on research, rabbit soft stool is rich in vitamins and microbial protein. Preventing rabbits from eating feces means reducing their protein intake by 15% -22%.

Rabbit’s soft stool contains a large number of microorganisms. When it stops eating feces, it results in changes to the microflora in the rabbit’s digestive tract.

So, those are 6 tips that can be applied to keep our pet rabbits healthy. Hopefully, this brief information is useful!

How to Maintain Discus Fish in Aquarium with Ease

Discus fish is one of the aquarium ornamental fish which is quite expensive. However, it is still widely liked by lovers and collectors of ornamental fish. Because of its cute shape, colorful and charismatic patterns.

The graceful way of swimming is the hallmark of this fish. This ornamental fish is a species of cichlid fish originating from the Amazon river.

Unfortunately, not everyone can care for this fish. This ornamental fish is considered to require a higher level of care than other ornamental fish.

The problem that often arises when maintaining this ornamental fish is stress fish. Which causes the ornamental fish to be susceptible to disease. Of course, this will not happen if you know how to care for discus fish properly.

12 Ways to Care for Discus Fish for Beginners.

Providing Equipment Needed

Conditions in the aquarium environment greatly affect the health of these ornamental fish. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the necessary equipment.

For example, a heater which serves to provide an increase in water temperature in the aquarium. When the water temperature is too cold for fish, you can use this tool to raise the water temperature. Generally, normal temperatures are around 27-32 ° C.

Aquarium Temperature and pH

The optimal temperature for ornamental fish kept in the aquarium is 27-32 ° C. If the water temperature is too high it can reduce oxygen levels in the aquarium.

The ideal water pH for the maintenance of ornamental fish is around 6.5. If the water pH is more or below neutral pH it can stress fish.

For the size of the male and female ornamental discus can grow to about 16.5 cm for two years. So, if you want to keep it for a long time, use an aquarium with large size.

Avoid Ammonia

Discus Fish Avoid Ammonia in Discus Fish
Discus fish have a high sensitivity to changes in dissolved ammonia levels in the water in the aquarium. This will show a change in the color of the fish. And you can see heavy breathing when the ammonia level increases.

So that the water change must be done immediately. The high level of dissolved ammonia in the water is influenced by food residue and feces from the fish itself. Therefore, determine the amount when providing feed and change the water regularly.

Routinely Changing Aquarium Water

These ornamental fish need aquarium water that is changed at least 50% every week to reduce nitrates and replenish minerals. Better yet, replace it completely, to remove dissolved ammonia.

The metabolic waste products of ornamental fish are a big contributor to dissolved nitrate in the aquarium. Make sure to do regular water changes.

Aquarium Decoration

Driftwood is great for helping these ornamental pet fish feel like they are in their environment. This will add to the beauty of the aquarium and will also reduce the hardness of the water. And lower the pH for the aquatic environment in the aquarium.

In addition, provide plants to provide oxygen and reduce dissolved carbon dioxide in the water.

Aquarium Lights

Lighting on the maintenance of discus fish in the aquarium is an important factor in caring for these ornamental fish. We recommend that you provide adequate lighting for this type of ornamental fish aquarium. It is not necessary to use lamps with too high a wattage.

Just use a slightly dim light. Giving lights can make ornamental discus fish healthy, lighting can also make ornamental fish look more beautiful.

In addition, lighting can help photosynthesis in ornamental plants in the aquarium. However, lighting generally gives the aquarium hot temperatures.

Therefore, adjust the lighting in the ornamental fish aquarium. Not too bright and not too dim. And it doesn’t really affect the temperature in the water.

Maintain Clean Water

The main factor affecting the health condition of the fish itself is the cleanliness of the water in the aquarium. If you rarely change the water in the aquarium, then ornamental discus fish will be very susceptible to disease.

It’s even easy to experience death. Because the water is not clean, there are lots of bad bacteria. Therefore, you must always keep the aquarium water clean.

Generally, a good water change to do is that the ideal duration is twice a week. And cleaning this aquarium once a week. Changing the water in the aquarium is not done all at once. However, the replacement was carried out gradually. For example half-way.


Providing the best feed can produce healthy and well-grown ornamental discus fish. This type of ornamental fish includes fish that eat everything.

Generally, the feed consumed by this type of ornamental fish. Is in the form of insect larvae, worms, and also fruits. Like keeping fish in an aquarium, feeding should not be too much.

Feeding too much will pollute the water in the aquarium. As a result, many dissolved minerals are not really needed by fish.

In addition, it will increase the growth of bad microbes and reduce dissolved oxygen levels in the water. Therefore, give small feeds with frequent frequency.

Give Natural Food

Natural food is food that is taken directly from nature or is readily available in the wild. So there is no need to process it first.

These natural foods include Infusoria and rotifers, water fleas, tubifex worms, blood worms or blood worms, mosquito larvae, shrimp eggs. And brine shrimp. Natural feeding will provide more complete nutrition to fish. In addition, natural food has balanced nutrition.

The Most Suitable Feed

Basically, this ornamental discus fish is a carnivorous fish. So the best feed is from animals such as blood worms, new cow heart, and then giving pellets.

Beef heart is the most suitable feed for this type of ornamental fish. Unfortunately, the heart of a cow can easily contaminate the tank. So, make sure to carry out regular maintenance of the water in the aquarium.

To get the best color from this type of ornamental fish. It is necessary to provide a varied feed both processed and frozen feed. This type of ornamental fish generally does not like feed that floats on the surface of the water. Therefore, try to provide a feed that floats or can sink.

Artificial Feed/Pellets

An artificial feed is fish food made by humans, commonly called pellets. This artificial feed is very practical and easy to find at any feed store. But unfortunately, this artificial feed is not good for this type of ornamental fish.

This can inhibit and slow down its growth if consumed every day. Therefore, use this feed sparingly and also combine it with natural feed.

Avoid Flies

Bathroom flies are generally a nuisance for these ornamental fish. Bathroom flies often carry parasites that can cause ornamental discus fish to develop various diseases. So that it can cause death.

Therefore, complete the basic requirements, namely by providing an aquarium with a large size and stable clean water. This type of ornamental fish can be kept with other types of fish. As long as they require the same water conditions. However, these ornamental fish are not compatible with aggressive fish.