Internet Relations with the Community

Humans are individual creatures as well as social creatures. Who can not live alone and require interaction and communication with other humans? From the interaction of several, a group of people created a society. Human interaction is not only through face-to-face communication (directly met), but also through computers. Computers are used by humans to finish work, to meet digital needs (such as entertainment, multimedia, and online games). Then in their use, there will be an interaction between one user and another user of the computer.

In the use of computers, the internet is also needed to support fluency in various things. Used by humans to be able to interact with computer users around the world. Because the internet provides network access for communication. Between computer users around the world and makes it easy to exchange information data.

1. Internet Relations with Education

The internet has a very close relationship with education. Technology can be used by all people in the world of education. In the world of education, surely we need information knowledge/insight knowledge. We can use information technology in the form of the internet to find that information. With the aim that we get broader knowledge both in the field of computers, science, social, and other fields.

 For students who are less able. This makes it very easy to find teaching materials because students no longer need to buy various kinds of books.
 For instructors/educators it is also very necessary to look for teaching resources/learning methods. That is good. Interesting, not monotonous, and of quality so that it will have an impact on students’ enthusiasm for learning to increase. Digital and distance learning called E-Learning.
 For education providers, it is very useful for academic information. Admission of new students, scholarships, etc.

In my opinion, the relationship between the internet and the world of education. In the present era cannot be separated anymore. And must be tightly bound to one another, supporting each other for the realization of national education objectives. Namely: noble, healthy, knowledgeable, capable, creative, independent. And become citizens who are democratic and responsible “.

2. Internet Relations with Information

The internet is one tool that can be used to find information needed by internet users.
To make it easier to find information, we can use Search Engines. Search Engine is a data search engine on the internet. The form is in the form of an empty box followed by the words Search, Go, or Search. In the empty box that we can ask for information about anything we want. You do this by typing certain words in the form of keywords from various internet sites around the world.

This Search Engine can be found on special sites that provide search engine tools such as:,,,,,,,,, www,,,, etc.

3. Internet Relations with Religion

The relationship of religion with the Internet/science and technology, on the one hand, is indeed a positive impact. Which can improve the quality of human life. Modern industrial, communication, and transportation facilities, for example, have proven to be very useful. But on the other hand, it is not uncommon for the internet to have a negative impact. Because it harms and endangers human life and dignity.

Here, the role of religion as a way of life is very important to look back. Can religion provide guidance so that we can only have a positive impact on science and technology? While eliminating the negative impacts as minimum as possible.

There are several possible relationships between religion and the Internet / Science and Technology:
1. opposite or contradictory;
2. contradictory but can coexist peacefully;
3. do not conflict with each other;
4. support each other.

5. Internet Relations with Politics

The use of the internet as a means of building political communication will, of course, build the horizons of democracy. Which is currently in the period of searching for an identity to further develop. Why? Because building democracy by building community-reaching constituents on the internet is more “not at risk” than in the real world. Cheaper and directly to the target/target audience. And, most important, the impact caused will not be like in the real world.

At this time, it is said that we see war or noise. Caused by the failure of a political party candidate to become a leader or regional head. News chaotic regional head elections as if everyday coloring our television. Give a grim face to democracy in Indonesia. Through the internet, the elites will find candidates who are smart and rational to vote. They will not choose based on mere emotions. But really will see the vision and mission, track records, and programs of the elite. I also believe that internet users are more mature constituents in politics. In building democracy in Indonesia, I think this point is very important.

6. Internet Relations with Economy (Business)

One of them is Telecommuting, a concept of working without leaving home because of using internet connection services. To make contact with all employees in a company may soon become a trend in the future. The mastery and exchange of information precisely and quickly in a competitive business world. Enables companies to capture existing business opportunities.

Internet usage in a company is not only about access or easy access. But includes what the contents of the application are in accordance with company information (access with the BPS-Statistics Indonesia node). Three things to note are information security threats in this usage. But this can be seen that such a broad scope of usage. Namely intra or enterprise communication, information access to telecommuting.

7. Internet Relations with Socio-Culture

Through internet media, the culture of a region can be promoted. By being promoted, the culture of the area will further develop.

Through the internet, we can find information about the latest fashions/trends, so that we are not outdated
The formation of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, greetings, and so on. Makes it easy for us to communicate with other human beings in the world. Whether it’s a short distance or even a long-distance away. With the advent of social networking, we can make friends easily by chatting (through chat facilities) or by uploading photos.

Socializing can also be done through the mailing list facility. The mailing list is a facility used to discuss in discussing an issue.

Confide can be done indirectly, by using chat facilities. So, we don’t need to bother going to a friend’s house if we want to confide in.

8. Internet Relations with National Defense

In the field of defense and security (military), there are currently many roles in computer applications. Operating systems, to embedded systems (Embedded Systems) that combine computers into other devices. For example in fighter planes, tanks, submarines, sensors, and others. The latest technology that is widely applied in the military for defense and security is the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). It helps to detect if there is an enemy attack.