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Types of Hamsters and How to Take Care of Them to Grow Healthy and Not Die Quickly

Hamster Overview

Hamsters are one of the animals that die easily. In order to grow healthy, follow the tips and how to care for hamsters below, let’s go!

Basically, the hamster is one of the animals with a short life.

Most hamsters live only 4 to 8 years.

In fact, we can extend their lives if we understand how to care for hamsters properly.

These tips are specially intended for types that were created to be bred indoors.

Here are tips and how to care for hamsters to grow big and healthy!

Types of Home Friendly Hamsters

Of course, you should begin to learn how to care for hamsters. It’s a good idea to know which types are good ones to raise.

The reason is, not all hamsters can live long in a closed building.

This is due to the amount of sun and direct open air they need each day.

This info is for those of you who want to keep this cute and cute animal at home. Here are the types of hamsters that are easy to keep at home.

1. Winter White Hamster

Winter White is one of the favorite breed of hamster for many people.

Apart from its thick and smooth fur, this hamster can change color depending on the weather around us.

Winter white hamster fur can change from gray to a golden brown.

This fur change is caused by the pigment of the hamster’s hair. It is supplied with the hormone prolactin and genetics.

2. Hamster’s Syrian Long / Short Hair

Want to keep hamsters of bigger size?

Choose the Syrian hamster.

Apart from their large size, Syrian hamsters are also better. They are able to adapt to a closed environment, so they can live longer when kept at home.

Another advantage of the Syrian hamster is that it is tame, easy to handle, and not easily stressed.

3. Roborovski White Face Hamster

If you don’t want a large hamster, this white Roborovski is perfect for you to keep!

Many people’s favorite hamster is very agile and needs a place to play in its cage.

The Roborovski White Face Hamster has thick fur with not too many patterns.

Even so, this type of hamster still looks cute because of its big cheeks.

Pro-tip for those of you who want to keep this type of hamster. You must be willing not to pet it too often.

Roborovski hamsters get stressed quickly when stored in a small space, so make sure the cage is spacious, yes!

4. Hamster Campbell

The last type of hamster that is friendly to the home is the Campbell hamster.

Campbell Hamster is the type most often found on the market because of its widespread cultivation.

Some of the factors that support the facts above are here. They are the types that are easy to breed and easy to care for.

Campbell’s hamster is not as indulgent as the others.

In fact, if they feel threatened, this hamster can bite and then hide for a long time.

How to Care for a Hamster

1. Choose the Right Enclosure

The first step in how to care for a hamster properly and properly is knowing the type of cage needed.

Every hamster needs a different cage.

However, all of them definitely needed a large enough space to survive.

A normal hamster cage is usually approximately 0.24 square meters (60 x 30 centimeters).

It is recommended that this cage be made of thick glass or plastic. You can equip it with a few small holes on it for ventilation.

You can also tuck the top of the cage down. Then replace it with wire so your little friend can breathe.

2. Cage Needs

Besides the cage, you also need equipment in it.

This equipment is needed for the survival of the hamster.

You need this in order for them to stay away from stress and grow healthy. They need a place to eat, a drinking water pipe, and a playground.

Talking about playing tools, you don’t need them if your hamster is passive and lazy like the Syrian type.

For hamsters who need a lot of movement, a special hamster rotating wheel is highly recommended.

3. Know the Hamster Instinct

How to care for a hamster on this one is important, because if neglected, your pet might die.

Not all docile hamsters live together.

Hamsters are territorial animals that are very protective of their territory.

When put together with other hamsters, they can fight to the death.

However, dwarf hamster types such as Winter White and Roborovski can coexist with other hamsters.

Just make sure they look familiar a few times in a glass enclosure before moving them into one place.

4. Pedestal Cage

The next way to care for the hamster is to choose the right base for the cage.

The bedding here is not the carpet or cardboard you usually see on the market, but wood shavings.

Softwood shavings are used for the hamster to rest and rest on.

The bottom of the hamster’s cage should be at least 5 centimeters thick.

Shaved wood usually comes from aspen.

Avoid using pine and cedarwood shavings, as these can damage your hamster’s health.

This type of wood is not good for the hamster’s respiratory system. Because it contains small pellets that can fly around in the cage.

For hygiene reasons, clean the bottom of the cage every other day to keep it free from bacteria.

6 Tips for Rabbits to Live Long

How many years do ornamental rabbits have? Indeed, ornamental rabbits such as mini rex, fuzzy lop, Netherland dwarf, and holland lop are not easy to raise. Because basically, rabbits are animals that are susceptible to everything and often suddenly die. The lack of health information and how to care for it is good and correct. Makes many of the owners of ornamental rabbits. Who does not know how to care for them properly, so that their rabbits live long. Well, because I have been raising ornamental rabbits for years. The mini rex Bimbim even turns five years old and Sammy Holland lop this year is four years old. Want to give some tips so that ornamental rabbits can live long.

Can be From Quality Breeders

Why did I put my ornamental rabbit in the first place? Because, many rabbits can get loose even, buy from the side of the road. I have often said that if you buy from an unclear place. The rabbit’s health is also unclear so don’t expect to live long. For quality breeders, we certainly know the conditions and can consult directly if there is anything. I always take rabbits from quality breeders and until now, breeders can be contacted via WhatsApp.

Rabbit Food

Any kind of rabbit, the food is hay! Remember that the main content of rabbits can always be healthy is hay. Hay fiber is needed by rabbits so that their digestion is smooth and healthy. And the hay content that rabbits eat must be up to 80% every day. Then the remaining 20% is pellets and other snacks. I am more concerned with rabbits eating hay than pellets. Indeed rabbits when eating hay are always reluctant because the taste of pellets is better. Usually pellets, I just give them for breakfast. And even then only one small cup is left over the whole day. All my rabbits are just served. Don’t forget to give the rabbit drinking water too!


All my rabbits that live to five years, none are caged, all are cage-free or live without a cage. Indeed, for Sammy and Jappy, who are holland lop types. I made a hutch or a cage, but that was for them to eat and sleep. When it rained or it was late they went straight in and their cage or hutch was not small. Spacious with a separate sleeping area and toilet. so they don’t live in cages. Then what is the relationship between long-lived rabbits and cages? The ornamental rabbit that is always kept in cages, what else with a very small cage. Will definitely be stressed and if you are stressed, don’t expect to have a long life, it will die suddenly.

If there is no space, rabbits can also be like cats living in the house but. There are a number of things that must be considered. Starting from training the pup and pee in their place to the habit of rabbits. That will definitely bite all objects. Not to mention that if you keep a female you will often dig around. Rabbits also need a large space because they will often binky. A sign that rabbits are happy, namely, running while jumping here and there.


Many do not know that some types of ornamental rabbits are much more susceptible to disease than livestock types. Ornamental rabbits are generally not as strong as livestock rabbits. So the lifespan of ornamental rabbits will not be longer than livestock rabbits unless they are properly cared for. One example is my mini rex which can live for up to five years. While my fuzzy lop with the same condition only lasted three years at that time. I fed pellets too often instead of hay and finally, my fuzzy lop got a silent killer. Or temporary static GI disease mini rex even just healthy.


From the start, I have said that the information about rabbit health is very minimal. So if a rabbit is sick, instead of spending time searching on google with a variety of unclear information. It’s better to just go to the vet even first. The Kimchi fuzzy lop I got static and no GI. does a veterinarian know why? I often take rabbits to the vet but they don’t understand and they only end up being charged. Luckily for the last one year, I managed to find a veterinary clinic that is very credible for rabbits.

Always be Careful

Even though, having raised rabbits to the maximum does not mean having a rabbit can be relaxed. I experienced with the mini rex Bimbim who was RIP earlier this year. At that time his weight dropped dramatically but, his diet was still good so I am not worried. Suddenly, in the morning, I met Bimbim who was dying. Until now, I don’t know what disease he has? That’s why now I always pay attention to Jappy and Sammy whether they are active or if they lose weight. Because we never know what rabbits get until they are already severe at the stage.


9 Cute Pets that are Easy to Keep for Beginners

Pets that are Easy to Keep. Keeping unique and cute animals is fun and can be an alternative medicine for burnout. Sometimes when you are tired of attacking, seeing this cute behavior can make your stress disappear. However, to decide to keep a pet is certainly not an easy thing. Toppers must be able to commit and have a responsibility to care for animals. Therefore, if you are still a beginner in the business of caring for pets. Check out some recommendations for pets that are easy to keep below.

Pet Choices that are Easy to Keep

1. Sugar Glider

This pet is very easy to carry everywhere, can be carried in your shirt pocket or shoulder. Sugar gliders are small animals that are shaped like flying squirrels. And are included in the marsupial members of the country with koala mammals also having kangaroo-like sacs. As the name Sugar Glider, this animal is classified as an omnivore. And likes sweet foods such as bees that like nectar or honey. And they also like to glide because it is called a glider. This cute guy turns out to be more friendly than cats. You know, because he has the ability to make a bond with his owner. Suitable for those of you who want to have a friend who eliminates boredom.

2. Hamster

This cute animal is very similar to rodent rodents. However, these hamsters are smaller and cute in appearance than mice, perfect for making pets. Moreover, maintenance is also easy and relatively simple. Because you only need to provide food and a hamster cage for this little one. What needs to be considered is the cleanliness of the cage. Because the hamster will easily get stressed easily if the place he lives in is dirty. So it is mandatory to clean the cage at least twice a day. In addition, to be able to see the cute behavior of the cute one. You have to see it at night because hamsters are nocturnal animals. Active at night and sleeping during the day, like bats.

3. Reptiles

Surely the first thing you imagine when you hear the word reptile is a creepy cold-blooded reptile. However, don’t be mistaken for pets, this one is actually quite popular. You know, just like his chameleon and lizard friends and are easy pets. Because caring for this one animal is also fairly easy, even easier than caring for dogs and cats. It has an extreme look with unique and bright skin tones, making it attractive and anti-mainstream.

4. Birds

Many types of birds can be maintained with relatively easy care. Such as parakeets, older siblings, pigeons, parrots, and many more. Your job to raise birds is enough to feed, drink, and diligently clean their cages. You can do all of that effortlessly and doesn’t take up time. Their sweet chirping voice in the morning and evening and the beautiful colors of their fur. Can make you feel relaxed from the myriad of daily routines. If you are on a free vacation, take your pet bird to play!

5. Fish

Well, if you are the type of person who is always busy every day. This easy-to-keep pet can be an option. Ornamental fish tend to be easy to care for. Just buy an aquarium and change the water and clean it once a week. Oh yes, the fish discussed here are freshwater fish, such as goldfish, tetra fish, to guppies. Because the treatment needed for marine fish is different and will be more complicated.

6. Dog

The next easy pet to keep is a dog. Dogs are indeed one of the most popular types of pets kept by humans. Because of their very loyal nature and characteristics, making them known as human friends. Some types of dogs that are friendly and suitable for beginners are the Siberian Husky to the Golden Retriever. What you need to pay attention to in caring for a dog is the activity. And the attention that this animal needs. They are usually very active and cannot just stay at home. So, it is suitable for those of you who like to jog in the morning to keep this one pet.

7. Cats

“Feed me now Hooman!” words that often appear on comedy sites. Cats are known for their spoiled nature, they also have a big appetite. So it’s not strange if cats will always ask for food. But if you always obey the dangers, you know, cats can be obese. So, make it a habit to give your cat enough food twice a day. Well, secondly, to prevent cats from getting all kinds of diseases, vaccines must be given. When compared to other mammals, cats are one of the easy pets to care for.

8. Hedgehog

When you hear a hedgehog, maybe you will think again about raising this one animal. For some people, the hedgehog is a scary animal and has thorny poison. However, this mini hedgehog is actually different from its sibling, the forest hedgehog. Its cute and funny temperament is perfect for being a dream pet. Taking care of it is also quite simple, just bathe it and be diligent in cleaning. Its cage regularly, take the hedgehog to play when you are free.

9. Tortoise

Another easy-to-keep pet is the turtle which has the Latin Trrapine Carolina. This cute animal lives in subtropical and tropical areas. His gentle character with his very slow movements makes you fall in love at first sight. The beautiful shell makes it look cute yet unique. Their care is also relatively easy, by simply feeding them. Turtles also have a fairly long age that can reach 30-40 years. Which of course will always be loyal to accompany you.

9 Ways to Take Care of Your Favorite Cat


Already have a cat and want to be more attentive to it? Let’s see how to care for your favorite cat.

1. Understand Your Cat’s Needs and Nutritional Intake

Kittens need twice the food intake than adult cats. Unfortunately, they cannot find their own food yet. Even if he needs more food, it doesn’t mean you have to give him more food. Kittens will still suckle from their mother.

You can give cat food every day. To be sure, you have to provide good quality cat food four times a day. With good food, the cat’s body and hair will be better.

2. Only Provide Cat Food

Not once, there are still many people who provide dog food for cats. Sometimes people do this to save money when keeping cats and dogs together. Unfortunately, this is not justified.

Adding food does not contain taurine. This content is needed by cats to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

3. Cats Are Carnivores

You must know that the cat is a meat-eating animal. We recommend that you provide food that comes from animal meat, such as chicken, beef, and fish. Guaranteed your beloved cat will be more hungry to eat. You still have to cook the meat first to get rid of bacteria in raw meat.

Avoid giving foods derived from plants. Plants or other types of vegetables will be difficult for cats to digest. In addition, giving cat vegetables and rice will make the litter smell even worse than a cat that eats meat.

4. Bathe the Cat Regularly

Over time, your pet cat will also smell bad. In addition, the fur can also fall out and make the cat unhealthy. It’s only natural for you to bathe your favorite cat in cold water, huh. Avoid using warm water especially hot because it can damage and fall out. To make it even more fragrant, spray on a special cat fragrance, huh!

5. Cat Hair Brush

Cats can actually rub themselves because they are independent animals. However, you should also pamper your pet cat with a spoiled stroke. Brush the cat’s hair with a special comb occasionally when he is near you.

For cats that have thick hair, you need to brush and comb them more often. This method makes the cat more comfortable around you. In addition, brushing can remove dead hair and germs in the fur.

6. Invite Your Cat to Play Outside the Home

Leaving him indoors every day will bore your cat. To care for a cat, you also need to invite him to play outside the house. Just a walk around the housing complex or take him farther away is definitely enough to make a cat happy.

If it is difficult to take the cat for a walk, try playing with the cat more often at home. Choose a cat toy that can make him move actively.

7. Teach Cats a Habit

After the cat is one month old, the mother cat will allow the kitten to clean itself, including pooping and peeing. This also must be taught to your cat. You can tell the cat to poop in the right place. Don’t forget to provide a litter box in the corner of the room where your cat plays.

Don’t just teach me to poop, huh. You also have to provide a special place to eat and drink. So, he didn’t eat anywhere. In addition, give him a bed and let him know that his territory is.

8. Give Cats Warnings when Behaving Badly

It is not only humans who must be given assertiveness. Your pet also needs to be warned when he is being bad. Certainly not once will you be scratched or bitten by your beloved cat. That’s when giving him one firm word.

Indeed, the cat will not immediately understand. Also, give gentle strokes on his head to let him know that you still love him. If done continuously, your pet cat will understand, really.

9. Cleaning and Caring for Cat Health

This is what you can’t help but do regularly. You have to be diligent about cleaning your pet cat’s teeth, ears, and nails because he won’t be able to do it alone. These body parts are inhabited by germs and bacteria. If it is left dirty, it is not impossible for your cat to be infected.

You should also take it to the vet regularly to be given vaccines. Usually, the vet will give worm medicine periodically. So, the existing cat litter does not spread germs and diseases to you.