Already have a cat and want to be more attentive to it? Let’s see how to care for your favorite cat.

1. Understand Your Cat’s Needs and Nutritional Intake

Kittens need twice the food intake than adult cats. Unfortunately, they cannot find their own food yet. Even if he needs more food, it doesn’t mean you have to give him more food. Kittens will still suckle from their mother.

You can give cat food every day. To be sure, you have to provide good quality cat food four times a day. With good food, the cat’s body and hair will be better.

2. Only Provide Cat Food

Not once, there are still many people who provide dog food for cats. Sometimes people do this to save money when keeping cats and dogs together. Unfortunately, this is not justified.

Adding food does not contain taurine. This content is needed by cats to prevent heart disease and blurred vision.

3. Cats Are Carnivores

You must know that the cat is a meat-eating animal. We recommend that you provide food that comes from animal meat, such as chicken, beef, and fish. Guaranteed your beloved cat will be more hungry to eat. You still have to cook the meat first to get rid of bacteria in raw meat.

Avoid giving foods derived from plants. Plants or other types of vegetables will be difficult for cats to digest. In addition, giving cat vegetables and rice will make the litter smell even worse than a cat that eats meat.

4. Bathe the Cat Regularly

Over time, your pet cat will also smell bad. In addition, the fur can also fall out and make the cat unhealthy. It’s only natural for you to bathe your favorite cat in cold water, huh. Avoid using warm water especially hot because it can damage and fall out. To make it even more fragrant, spray on a special cat fragrance, huh!

5. Cat Hair Brush

Cats can actually rub themselves because they are independent animals. However, you should also pamper your pet cat with a spoiled stroke. Brush the cat’s hair with a special comb occasionally when he is near you.

For cats that have thick hair, you need to brush and comb them more often. This method makes the cat more comfortable around you. In addition, brushing can remove dead hair and germs in the fur.

6. Invite Your Cat to Play Outside the Home

Leaving him indoors every day will bore your cat. To care for a cat, you also need to invite him to play outside the house. Just a walk around the housing complex or take him farther away is definitely enough to make a cat happy.

If it is difficult to take the cat for a walk, try playing with the cat more often at home. Choose a cat toy that can make him move actively.

7. Teach Cats a Habit

After the cat is one month old, the mother cat will allow the kitten to clean itself, including pooping and peeing. This also must be taught to your cat. You can tell the cat to poop in the right place. Don’t forget to provide a litter box in the corner of the room where your cat plays.

Don’t just teach me to poop, huh. You also have to provide a special place to eat and drink. So, he didn’t eat anywhere. In addition, give him a bed and let him know that his territory is.

8. Give Cats Warnings when Behaving Badly

It is not only humans who must be given assertiveness. Your pet also needs to be warned when he is being bad. Certainly not once will you be scratched or bitten by your beloved cat. That’s when giving him one firm word.

Indeed, the cat will not immediately understand. Also, give gentle strokes on his head to let him know that you still love him. If done continuously, your pet cat will understand, really.

9. Cleaning and Caring for Cat Health

This is what you can’t help but do regularly. You have to be diligent about cleaning your pet cat’s teeth, ears, and nails because he won’t be able to do it alone. These body parts are inhabited by germs and bacteria. If it is left dirty, it is not impossible for your cat to be infected.

You should also take it to the vet regularly to be given vaccines. Usually, the vet will give worm medicine periodically. So, the existing cat litter does not spread germs and diseases to you.