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8 Favorite Pets

Raising animals can provide a lot of happiness. In one study, it was stated that the relationship between pets. And mental and physical health is not just a perception.

Researchers have proven that interacting with friendly animals can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate. And have a positive effect on levels of stress-modulating hormones, particularly cortisol and dopamine.

So, for those of you who want to keep a pet, don’t hesitate. Because this can increase physical strength to maintain one’s social relationships. Then, what animal do you want to keep? Check out the explanation quoted from Petlife Today.

1. Dog

Kristin Hitchcock on the same page says dogs can be your first choice if you have children at home. This is because some races are calm and relaxed. This species is also trainable and can usually go wherever your child wants. So that they become the best of everyday companions.

You can choose between the Golden Retriever, Pomeranian, Shiba Inu (one of six native Japanese dog breeds). English Springer Spaniel, or any other suitable family style.

2. Cats

Cats are also quite common pets for humans. They’re are small in size, which reduces the risk of injury to toddlers. Plus, cats usually don’t need as much grooming as dogs. They don’t need to be taken for walks or showers as often as dogs. They are even better left alone. You can choose between an American Shorthair, Munchkin, or Persian cat.

3. Tortoise

Turtles make perfect pets if you want something low maintenance and quiet. They are peaceful and calm.
Keep in mind that this pet has a notoriously long life span. This means that you need to be prepared to care for this pet for a long time. You can choose from, among others, the Sulcata tortoise, the Aldabra tortoise, or the Indian Star tortoise.

4. Fish

Fish are often ideal pets for young children. They require little care and attention, and fish usually don’t take up much space. They are quiet and can be a place to vent for your children. You can choose among other Koi fish, Guppy fish, Chef Goldfish, and others.

5. Hamster

Hamsters are cute, passionate, and need little maintenance. They are the cutest first pets for kids. This can prove that children can be given more responsibility or not in raising animals. You can choose, among others, the Winter White hamster, the Syrian hamster, the Roborovski hamster, and others.

6. Birds

Birds are a good choice for older children who are not interested in having cats or dogs. They need little maintenance and care. This pet is full of personality and can entertain children. You can choose, among others, Lovebirds, Canaries, Parakeets, and others.

7. Rabbit

Source from The Spruce Pets, there are nearly 50 rabbit breeds that like to be keep as pets. These animals are a great choice for apartment living as they can be litterbox trained. Care for themselves, and are relatively quiet.

Many people allow their rabbits to roam freely in their homes, which is a great way for them to exercise. One of the downsides of keeping rabbits is that they like to chew and dig. You can choose from the Angora rabbit, the Lion Head rabbit, the Dutch rabbit, and many others.

8. Reptiles

Reptiles such as smaller lizards and snakes are not as common as mammals. You can keep them in small spaces. They make no noise and are relatively easy to care for.

Good lizard species for beginners include leopard geckos, crested geckos, house geckos, bearded dragons, and anoles. While species of snakes that do not require large cages include corn snakes, king snakes, milk snakes, and pythons.


7 Tips to Take Care Pomeranian Dog

In Indonesia, mini poms are included in the list of the cutest and most popular pet dog breeds. So that many dog ‚Äč‚Äčlovers are cared for and cared for. According to most hobbyists, this pomeranian or mini pom is perfect for playing with. Because he is very friendly and has a personality that likes to play and travel (very active).

How to Care for a Mini Pom or Pomeranian?

The habitat of the breed is German and Polish. As for the physical characteristics, namely, small stature but hairy. On the neck there is a lion’s dense fur, which has a small snout and varies in color, there are mini poms in white, red, cream, blue, black, or orange. How good, right? Are you interested in taking care of Pomeranians?

If my friend is interested, then you must know how to care for a mini pom puppy properly. So that they grow up healthy and remain beautiful into adulthood.

Taking care of the most difficult mini poms is when they are young or when they are just born at 2 months, 3 months, or 4 months. Because it requires special attention than an adult mini pom. Well, here are the tips for mini-pom maintenance that you should do:

1. Commitment To Caring For Pomeranians

First, you have to nurture mini pom. Should not be discouraged in the middle of the road or let him stand by the side of the road. Because usually, people are only passionate about caring for pets at the beginning, but when they are tired of leaving them without caring about their care and cleanliness anymore.

So it’s best if you think before taking care of the mini pom. Are you ready to play with him? Do you have free time to practice it? Are you ready to feed? Are you ready to bathe him? And there are many more risks that must be applied when inserting a mini pom.

2. Provide a Mini Pom Residence (Cage)

Every living thing definitely needs a place to live for survival. Likewise with mini poms, if you don’t want your dog to roam freely outside the house. Then you have to buy or make a special cage for mini poms.

Try to make the cage suitable for use, for example:

  • Not too narrow.
  • Far away from wild animals.
  • There is sufficient air circulation.
  • And children can move freely in it.

It is recommended that in the cage there are essential accessories such as blankets, pillows, litter boxes, and others. It all can provide warmth for the mini pom to have a good rest. Oh yes, the cleanliness of the cage is always maintained. Clean at least 2 times a week. Because usually mini pom dogs still like to urinate or defecate in any way, first make a new mini pom dog or puppy. So that it is not cleaned will cause dangerous bacteria.

3. Buy Additional Accessories

This third point is not mandatory but also important. If you have enough money available to buy accessories like absorbent liners or dog toys. This way, the air from the puppies will dry out right away and won’t burden you in cleaning. So if you don’t want to clean continuously, from an early age you have to make the mini pom child throw their dirt in the toilet that has been provided.

4. Feed the Mini Pom

To survive, mini poms need healthy and nutritious food. Moreover, the newborn mini pom. For mini pom, puppies eat 3 times a day. Namely breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast can be given dog food, dry and dog milk, as well as lunch and dinner. As for the afternoon, you can be given a special snack or snack for dogs.

It is recommended to combine dry food and wet food, the dog does not get bored. Nutrition must be tailored to their needs. Read the ingredients written on the Dogfood packaging.

5. Train Mini Poms to be Healthy and Obedient

Maintaining the mini pom cannot be separated from this. Buddy must provide a special time to train mini poms. You can use the time in the afternoon or during the holidays in the morning. In addition, training and training the mini pom can also make the body healthy because there are many activities that train fat.

6. Make Time To Play Together

The way to care for mini pom is to play with him. as we know that mini pom is a very active dog and likes to play with its owner. So as much as possible you spend three or four hours playing each day. If you are really busy, you can order your helper or assistant to take the mini pom for a walk.

7. Caring for Mini Pom Fur

Because this race has long and thick hair. So you have to pay attention to the maintenance. Comb the mini pom hair at least 2/3 times every day. It’s a matter of neat fur. On the other hand, if not combed and cared for, the fur will fall out easily and get tangled.

Those are the 7 good and correct ways to care for mini poms for beginners. Hopefully, this sharing from us is useful for friends who are raising Pomeranians. Please share it with your closest relatives so they know.