How many years do ornamental rabbits have? Indeed, ornamental rabbits such as mini rex, fuzzy lop, Netherland dwarf, and holland lop are not easy to raise. Because basically, rabbits are animals that are susceptible to everything and often suddenly die. The lack of health information and how to care for it is good and correct. Makes many of the owners of ornamental rabbits. Who does not know how to care for them properly, so that their rabbits live long. Well, because I have been raising ornamental rabbits for years. The mini rex Bimbim even turns five years old and Sammy Holland lop this year is four years old. Want to give some tips so that ornamental rabbits can live long.

Can be From Quality Breeders

Why did I put my ornamental rabbit in the first place? Because, many rabbits can get loose even, buy from the side of the road. I have often said that if you buy from an unclear place. The rabbit’s health is also unclear so don’t expect to live long. For quality breeders, we certainly know the conditions and can consult directly if there is anything. I always take rabbits from quality breeders and until now, breeders can be contacted via WhatsApp.

Rabbit Food

Any kind of rabbit, the food is hay! Remember that the main content of rabbits can always be healthy is hay. Hay fiber is needed by rabbits so that their digestion is smooth and healthy. And the hay content that rabbits eat must be up to 80% every day. Then the remaining 20% is pellets and other snacks. I am more concerned with rabbits eating hay than pellets. Indeed rabbits when eating hay are always reluctant because the taste of pellets is better. Usually pellets, I just give them for breakfast. And even then only one small cup is left over the whole day. All my rabbits are just served. Don’t forget to give the rabbit drinking water too!


All my rabbits that live to five years, none are caged, all are cage-free or live without a cage. Indeed, for Sammy and Jappy, who are holland lop types. I made a hutch or a cage, but that was for them to eat and sleep. When it rained or it was late they went straight in and their cage or hutch was not small. Spacious with a separate sleeping area and toilet. so they don’t live in cages. Then what is the relationship between long-lived rabbits and cages? The ornamental rabbit that is always kept in cages, what else with a very small cage. Will definitely be stressed and if you are stressed, don’t expect to have a long life, it will die suddenly.

If there is no space, rabbits can also be like cats living in the house but. There are a number of things that must be considered. Starting from training the pup and pee in their place to the habit of rabbits. That will definitely bite all objects. Not to mention that if you keep a female you will often dig around. Rabbits also need a large space because they will often binky. A sign that rabbits are happy, namely, running while jumping here and there.


Many do not know that some types of ornamental rabbits are much more susceptible to disease than livestock types. Ornamental rabbits are generally not as strong as livestock rabbits. So the lifespan of ornamental rabbits will not be longer than livestock rabbits unless they are properly cared for. One example is my mini rex which can live for up to five years. While my fuzzy lop with the same condition only lasted three years at that time. I fed pellets too often instead of hay and finally, my fuzzy lop got a silent killer. Or temporary static GI disease mini rex even just healthy.


From the start, I have said that the information about rabbit health is very minimal. So if a rabbit is sick, instead of spending time searching on google with a variety of unclear information. It’s better to just go to the vet even first. The Kimchi fuzzy lop I got static and no GI. does a veterinarian know why? I often take rabbits to the vet but they don’t understand and they only end up being charged. Luckily for the last one year, I managed to find a veterinary clinic that is very credible for rabbits.

Always be Careful

Even though, having raised rabbits to the maximum does not mean having a rabbit can be relaxed. I experienced with the mini rex Bimbim who was RIP earlier this year. At that time his weight dropped dramatically but, his diet was still good so I am not worried. Suddenly, in the morning, I met Bimbim who was dying. Until now, I don’t know what disease he has? That’s why now I always pay attention to Jappy and Sammy whether they are active or if they lose weight. Because we never know what rabbits get until they are already severe at the stage.